Warian Medical Zhang Xiao Gongxin Reprotective Wisdom Power

Warian Medical Zhang Xiao Gongxin Reprotective Wisdom Power

"I will give us a firm confidence in China. In the future, Varian will accelerate the wisdom and strength of China’s wisdom to run to the whole world, contribute to the new tumor treatment of Warry Revolution." During the fourth time, Vari Zhang Xiao, a senior vice president of Safety Safety, said when the People’s Network live interview. It is understood that Varian’s participation in the Expo will have four consecutive years.

The area of ??the Varian Imperial Expo will reach 450 square meters, which will display the wisdom cancer treatment of the world’s advanced digital technology to treat all-round application scenarios. Varian also brought a digital tumor Internet hospital solution this time.

Zhang Xiao said that the solution is a new line-in-line integrated full process service model for tumor health management and prevention and control construction. Through remote tumor multi-disciplinary consultation, remote patient targets, remote radiotherapy plans, remote treatment guidance, tumor rehabilitation management, tumor recipients, etc. The whole cycle allows the grassroots patient to accept cancer diagnosis and treatment with the wide quality in the north. "After entering the Expo, Varian will continue to invest in China to strengthen local research and development and innovation, to better serve China’s major cancer patients and user services, contribute to the" Health China 2030 ", and also commit to promoting the industry The chain upgrade drives China’s innovation to the world.

Zhang Xiao said that, at present, Varian is actively investing in the Wari Security Ball Innovation Center, which is expected to enter the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2022.

The center is more in order to provide Chinese users, explore new business operations, to establish integrated cancer clinics and corporate alliances, to force break-up early treatment, encourage local research and development and innovation.