Social Search – Search Engine New Revolution!

Social Search – Search Engine New Revolution!

"International Herald" reporter Thank you from Beijing in the guess of the outside world, Social Media Giant Facebook (Facebook) opened the mysterious new product map search (GraphSearch) on January 15th. This is the greatest initiative made after listed in May last May last year, and the product launch conference was hosted by the CEO of the Facebook, and it was hosted by himself.

Compared to the previous media guess, the launch of the new search function seems to have a little out of the expectations of the outside world.

In Wall Street, Facebook Shares encountered the sale, the day, it seems that the market does not optimize the short-term economic prospects of new features.

But not ignored, mastering the face of billion users to excavate their reserves for a long time through the new search function, not only related to the money of the face, but also affect the business model of the social media and the online behavior habits of people. .

Say good words, search mode oral language map search, this new name sounds scientific and technological Fan, seems to be customized for the Internet professional and technical personnel, in fact it pays more attention to ordinary people’s user experience, allowing people to query natural language No longer just a single keyword.

Zuckerberg is in the press conference that, such as the input of the inlet language: Who is my friend in San Francisco? The map searches will soon give him a list of friends in the city, and in accordance with the relaxation of the relationship, his sister is in front.

The map search is defined as a search with the user, it can answer a very specific problem, but mainly around the four aspects of people, locations, pictures, and hobbies, which is also four main dimensions related to users on the social network.

If you are interested, you can enter my friend’s favorite movies or my friends like the TV series of TV series, you will get answers directly. Users can make more simple searches, such as my friends’ photos, can also query more complicated, narrowing the scope of the search, such as my friends in California, photos uploaded last year.

So how do new search functions send in actual life? Zachberg has recently held a party with the theme around the popular American drama "Ice and Fire", and the friends who invited are all from the list of search, just ask their social networking sites: I am in Paloa Among the friends of the city, do you like "Ice and Fire Songs"? Of course, this new search function is a very difficult technical challenge for engineers, and they have been developed for this more time. I once thought that this will not be realized, Zuckerberg said it is very complicated, but it is also one of our cooles. The industry believes that the map search means that the search engine understands the interconnection between people, places and things, rather than just understanding keywords.

Ollen Ezoni, Professor Washington University, said, this is a watershed incident.

Other companies have also trial water to social search, but the scale is not as good as the face.

The blank of the Google Search has long been compared to the world’s largest search engine Google (Google) in the map.

If Google has done the best in the search excavation of massive information, the face is trying to take a different approach in more user-friendly social search fields. At present, there is no positive competition and conflict, but more precisely, the face is trying to fill the Google does not pay attention to the blank. Be a simple contrast, Google can accurately tell you which of the world’s tallest mountain peaks, and you can search for my friends in the map Search Who I like Star Wars and Harry Potter? Therefore, when searching a website or looking for information, the library, Google still occupies an absolute advantage.

But the face has a top secret information superior to Google, with more than 5 billion events per day.

For questions about their own friends, these Google can’t provide answers. Of course, Google has already aware of the huge potential of social network search services, so the company also develops integration of GooglePlus social functions.

In fact, the face also begins to develop search functions with Microsoft Search Engine Bing. When the user searches a keyword in the face spectrum and click more results, it will find that the web page search function provided by the necessities can be selected.

At the same time, return data from the face spectrum will also appear more in the search results of the Bing page. Insiders believe that even if the face is not like Google, you can search all the websites on the Internet, you can also become a practical search engine. The relevant data of the user’s information and activities of the face can meet the daily needs of most users.

However, the current map search is still in the early development stage, only open to a small number of English users, for their search for limited content.

At the moment, for Zakberg, the establishment of a face search engine is not hard, how is the key to let users use it.