Rebuild 130 projects, total investment of 4.09 billion yuan … to meet the health needs of the masses, Henan fight

Rebuild 130 projects, total investment of 4.09 billion yuan … to meet the health needs of the masses, Henan fight

  □ Top News · Dahe News Reporter Li Xiaomin On July 20 this year, a major rainstorm invaded Henan, and many people in the province’s live health and property safety were severely threatened.

  "The loss of health system is more serious, and the direct economic loss is preliminarily estimated at 41 billion." On September 29th, in the interview with the media, the Secretary of the Health and Health Committee of Henan Province, Director He said, currently, Henan’s affected medical institution is being In order to recover, 130 residential health care institutions in the province, and total investment billion yuan. 130 rebuild projects, the total investment of 100 million yuan "This rain, the most serious damage is the Zhengda Affiliated Hospital River Hospital, Fuwaihua Center Vascular Disease Hospital, Xinxiang Medical College First Affiliated Hospital, three hospitals lost There are 31 billion. "The whole process said, in addition, the grassroots medical institution has 9 billion.

  阚 The whole process said that the provincial health committee established the leading group of disaster recovery and reconstruction work in the first time, and in-depth, distributes and guidance of the heavier provinces and provincial and provincial direct hospitals, transfer the provincial direct three hospital medical team to support Hebi, Xinxiang , Anyang, Jiaozuo, Zhoukou, etc., quickly returning to normal medical order. In addition, the Provincial Health and Health Committee adheres to the "king of the project", combining the health restoration reconstruction of the disaster area and enhancing disaster prevention and disaster relief capacity, combining the high-quality development of the "14th Five-Year" health and health career, combing the disaster resumption and reconstruction project, Establish a national medical and health institution’s disaster recovery rebuild project library, reasonably determine the reconstruction mode, priority, rebuild scale, and target tasks, and scientifically arranged the sequence.

The "Special Plan for the Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstruction of Henan Province" was prepared, and 130 in the province’s affected medical institutions were completed, and the total investment billion yuan.

  The disaster area of ??all over the country has killed the whole process. After the disaster occurred, the Provincial Health Jiterary Committee quickly issued relevant programs, and overtens the disaster prevention and disease prevention and neoguanponic epidemic prevention and control.

Guide temporary resettlement points to do a good job in functional partitioning, set up medical points, sampling areas, and isolate the patients with ordinary people to resettle, restrict personal protective measures such as aggregation, and maintain wearing masks.

Closed management is performed on temporary resettlement points, all inoculate new crown vaccines, and conduct a total of all nucleic acid detection once a week. Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang, Hebi 4 City, 141 resettlement points were tied to 63535 people, and the results were negative. At the same time, the Provincial Health Jiterary Committee sent 15 health and epidemic prevention teams to 15 disaster-stricken counties (cities, districts), and organized professional teams in the province, urban and rural joints, residential communities, and units in the province’s affected, and organized professional teams. Garbages, schools, underground spaces and other places and garbage sewage sludge in the affected villages will be cleared in time, and the disinfection work is fully carried out.

With the stagnation area and the transfer of the masses resettlement area as the key to murder, it will launch the environments, toilets, septic tanks, garbage collection containers, garbage transfer stations, and stacking points, etc., resulting in floods. Death livestock and poultry for harmless treatment. The affected village and residential community should be able to move back after the safety identification and acceptance of acceptance. A total of 100 million square meters were killed all over the disaster area. In the next five years, the basic medical insurance rate of the poverty reduction is 100% of the prevention rates from being caused by the disaster, and consolidate the expansion of the poverty. It is a major political task. When talking about this problem, the whole process said that Henan Province is three "priority": priority to support the disaster-stricken areas, the disaster-stricken area medical and health institutions are redeveloped, priority to meet the urgent projects of the mass basic medical and health services, priority protection Basic health care services of the poverty poverty reduction prevent the impulse due to disasters.

  阚 The whole process introduces, in the next five years, continue to implement a cap does not take responsibility, no policies, do not pick up the help, do not take the supervision "four do not pick", continue to implement "three 100%, two 90% "The health poverty alleviation policy, that is, the basic medical insurance rate of the poverty population is 100%, the family doctor’s signing service rate is 100%, the village bathroom and the qualified village medical coverage are 100%, the proportion of medical expenses for poor people is 90%, and the county in the county 90%, ensuring that the basic medical care of the poverty reduction is guaranteed.

  "In the case of epidemic prevention and control, our current epidemics is very stable, focusing on preventing overseas input." During the "11" period, it is recommended that the Henan people travel in provinces, and do not go.

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