The principal shared a hundred years of stories, Jiangsu Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Competition entered the Queen Experimental School

The principal shared a hundred years of stories, Jiangsu Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Competition entered the Queen Experimental School

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Modern Express News (Reporter Jiang Zhen Jun / Photograph) The Synegic Book Century, Strive to Salt Bad Juvenile.

On October 13, the Dragon Port Tourism Group Cup 2021 Jiangsu Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Competition Yancheng Division walked into the Yannan High-tech Zone, from nearly 100 students from Yancheng Qiyudine Experimental School, and raised his hand. Summary, salt, bone, raising the sea, the morning, the rain, the rain, Into the Yancheng Yue Experimental School, the campus can smell the salt culture and thick books.

Cheng Deloda, who is in front of the grievance, is particularly eye-catching under the liner of the sea. Next to the calligraphy class, the children’s own paper-cutting works are vivid.

At 9:40, the hard pen and soft pen games were carried out at the same time in two calligraphy class in the school. The modern fast newspaper reporter saw that the walls of the classroom were full of excellent works of the previous students, and they were filled with calligraphy and cultural charm. The children were sitting, writing every stroke, every Chinese character, showing a good writing habit.

Everyone looks up and pays attention to a feet of one inch.

In the hard pen match site, the principal Li Hao, the vice president Ding Qingjun and several Chinese teachers remind the children to pay attention to writing postures, and seriously compete. Our school attaches great importance to student calligraphy classes, but also the important content of calligraphy as the basic skills of young teachers. Ding Qingjun said, in addition to participating in calligraphy training, the usual school has strict requirements for the teacher’s brush, and the pen words and chalk characters. Wang Xiwen, five (5) classes, sitting in the first row of the soft pen classroom, only to see her, and the pen is very mature, and there is a special seal.

Mom and Dad are busy with work, I am a grandmother.

Wang Xiwen said that her grandmother wants to make her more art, I will report a calligraphy class, starting from the first grade, I have been adhering to now, I will make badminton, table tennis, painting and playing the piano, this semester also reported to jazz . She used to be our school football team, now I like to go to calligraphy. Prime Minister Li Hao pointed to the fourth grade girl Zhou said. The reporter saw that Zhou Sikim is slim, the skin is somewhat dark, although it is only for half a year, but her written words are very struggling. Playing a year of football, my mother said that she would delay learning, giving up, and take me to learn calligraphy in the third grade, now I prefer to practice. It is understood that Yancheng Yanyu Experimental School inherits the deep cultural heritage of the first primary school in Yancheng, cultivating the spiritual temperament of the atmosphere, adheres to the concept of running a school in the group primary school, and practices the education of Dedda, abide by every day. School motto, strive to do the first primary school with cultural taste and education.

The school also emphasizes the construction of its own connotation, with salt-oriented, with local sea salt culture as cornerstone, condenses the unique salt spirit.

We hope that the children can come into talent, morality, and hope that our teachers can adult, and achieve their own careers while achieving children.

Li Hao said that the connotation of the four words of the school’s Chengda talent is extraordinary, which has a story of more than 100 years ago. It turned out that Yancheng First Primary School was founded in 1910, the original name is the second higher elementary school hall of Yancheng, and Yancheng Chengda Higher School.

After that, Yancheng Yi Xiao Group will become Dedda as an educational goal. This Calligraphy Competition is hosted by Modern Express, Yancheng Dragonport Tourism Resort Group is exclusively supported.

Dragon Port Tourism Resort Relying on the overall planning of Dragon Harbor, the total area of ??square kilometers, the existing Netherlands, Meihuay, Shui Yunlongwan City Forest Park in the Shui Yunlongwan City Forest Park. In order to promote calligraphy culture, stimulate students’ love of traditional culture, and the competition has been carried out in some primary and secondary schools and calligraphy training institutions in Yancheng. related suggestion.