Whether you can manage your artist

Whether you can manage your artist

  Governance Entertainment Fields Square Strict Industry Subsidiary Standards Certified Missing Can manage the "Notice on the Integrated Governance Work of Entertainment" in the Cultural Department of the Central Propaganda, Talking about the Management of Entertainment Management, Notice,"Strictly implement the performance broker qualification system"; on September 2, the "Notice on Further Strengthening Arts Program and Its Personnel Management" also pointed out that "strict implementation of host certificates".

  On August 26th, at the Chinese Literary Reviewer Association, China Lunship Culture Governance "expert seminar, Zhang Haijun, president of the Beijing Performance Industry Association, recommended that the industry is strict, and the artist is implemented. system. "Before the certification, you need to receive training in thought, politics, theory, professionalism, moral cultivation, register registration. Anyone who has no registration is registered, it stipulates that all types of platforms will not be hired." Zhang Haijun said. Perform a broker, the host holds a certificate, then is the actor holding the issued suggestion? Can I effectively solve the traffic volume of entertainment, "rice" chaos, illegal loss, etc. Beijing Youth Daily reported a number of industry insiders, let us listen to their opinions – the performance of the real situation once has been canceled Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that some actors in the 1990s have a performance certificate, Later, with the similarities of the relevant departments, plus the revision of the "Regulations on Business Performance Management, in the beginning of this century, the actor performance no longer needs the performance certificate.

However, some private institutions actors have to prove their actor’s identity by other channels and methods because of holding domestic tour performances or overseas performance.

  Xi’an Intercourse New Forces Class Lubin is one of them.

He told Beiqing reporter, there were several times, he would go to other cities in China, and the destination urban culture administrative department needs him to provide actor’s identification.

To this end, he joined the Xi’an Quyi Association and the identification of the association.

  Pan Yan, secretary general of the China Performance Industry Association, indeed some actors need to prove their actor’s identity when there are some actors to perform a visa. In addition, according to the requirements of the "Regulations on the Business Performance Administration Regulations, there must be professional actors when applying for the establishment of a literary performance group. Actors can provide their own diploma in the art institutions, or artistic professional titles.

If these two certificates are not, they can provide actor’s ability to work by the Performance Industry Association.

"According to the" Regulations on Business Performance Management Regulations ", the Association organized the actor’s ability to certification and distribution, and it was 45 years.

"Pan Yan also pointed out that China Performance Industry Association did not have the ability to issue actors who had no performance experience experience – this is because there is no way to assess from his personal artistic capacity, can only be based on his work, Over the violation record, there is a sufficient job, whether there is a related group to have an example of performing arts work, etc. The first-level social group is a national, industry, non-profit social organization that performs main body and performance practitioners.

In other words, they can provide an object of the ability to demonstrate, and is an actor in the performance industry. Doctors who are engaged in film and television performances, can its employment capabilities have proved certificates? Readers who are familiar with the Hong Kong entertainment circle must know that many well-known actors in Hong Kong have no corresponding certificates. For example, Zhou Yunfa only reads the third grade of secondary school. After reading the first grade of the primary school, he dropped out of school, and later entered a privately opened. Drama school study.

But these don’t affect them later become an excellent actor. Pan Yan also believes that if the actor’s artwork and moral literacy have evaluation criteria, how do actors’ artistic ability to judge? After all, art is not a race, there is no unified standard. For the audience, the radish green dishes have each other, it is difficult to use a unified standard to do certification.

  For "actor holding certificate", film reviewer, columnist Han Haoyue believes that it is divided into two places: For students who graduated from professional colleges and institutions such as film colleges, their probabilities will receive professional skills certification. But even so, it is impossible to ensure that they must be self-cultivation.

More critical is that an actor’s professional ability cannot be measured in a standard, and the certificate is taken. It is quite a single standard to measure the actor. This is subject to the personality, "some actors, such as Wang Baoqiang, he Although there is no academic qualification, it has not been professional training, but it is indeed a talent in the performance. If we do a knife, it is likely to be tested, it is likely to kill some actors who have performing genius. "Currently requested a brokerage personnel, broadcast host People need to hold a certificate from Ying North Youth Daily, I also learned that the actor’s performance certificate has been canceled, but the performance industry broker qualification has been implemented for many years.

It can be found in the "2021 National Performance Subject Qualification Examination Outline" released by this year, the professional qualification examination, from the national unified question, the examination content includes the cultural policy and policies issued in recent years, There is a "Business Performance Regulations" and the laws and regulations related to the performance industry, as well as the "Civil Law" "Public Security Administration" "Public Security Administration" "Minor Protection Law", "Consumer Rights Protection Law", etc. There are currently more than 100,000 people holding a broker qualification certificate.

According to "2019 China Radio and Television Yearbook", the national announcer, hosting people.

  Pan Yan introduced that the broker of the performance certificate of the performance broker through the exam, enhanced its legal knowledge and professional moral plasticity to a certain extent, but would it be effective for the artists he served, but also to see him in their daily work. How to perform and implement it. "The responsibility of education and management actors is compacted to the relevant brokerage agencies and brokers in the actors, and the management department strengthens the management of brokerage institutions and practitioners, and industry organizations simultaneously strengthen the moral self-discipline work of performing arts. It should be relatively effective. Feasible management method.

"Text / This reporter Zhang Enjun comics / Chen Bin coordinates / Liu Jianghua.