Yellow Navy: Ideal beliefs are the key to implementing the fundamental tasks of the Lordshire

Yellow Navy: Ideal beliefs are the key to implementing the fundamental tasks of the Lordshire

The Huang Navy pointed out that Li Deshu people are the fundamental tasks of colleges and universities. Whether the goal of building a high-quality education system in the new era is achieved, which depends to a large extent on the implementation of the fundamental tasks of Lidshu people.

Different historical periods, different development stages, this topic’s connotation will also be different. The Huang Navy believes that in today’s era, the Li Dehu people must first arrest this key point of the ideal belief, enhance students ‘comprehensive quality, cultivate students’ innovative thinking, and improve their ability to improve the hard work, hard work At the same time, it is necessary to internalize these work to the university running and management, including discipline construction, classroom teaching, scientific research, talent training, and internship practice.

"The Classics and Policy are the key courses that implement the Lord Tree people. This must do a good job." Huang Navy talked about that Beihang was in the construction of the thinking curriculum. Leading by the teacher, the school leadership team and the teachings of the school participated in the preparation, and the protection of the thinking classes, thoroughly, and achieved the effectiveness; the second is to focus on the courses, except for the scientific extracurricular, other majors The course should be in the same time, all-round, whole process, and all members to participate in the goal of the educational people, guide the contemporary college students to adhere to the ‘four confident’, cultivate patriotic ambition, and brave the mission.

For how to better carry out courses, Huang Navy says that Beihang has always focused on the spirit of heritage, red culture has been integrated into the gene and blood of teachers and students in schools.

"Northern Airlines now conducts courses and selection people in the course, and the quality is constantly increasing. In recent years, the school has also launched an excellent course thinking and political selection, encourages the first-line professional class teacher to actively participate in the courses. Current construction. Currently It has been highlighted. "