What is the consumption of the provincial-level new district?

What is the consumption of the provincial-level new district?

Original title: One Week Economic Review | Falls Provincial New Area, Shandong Message? Recently, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission Print "Texas Tianzhu New District Development Plan" "Heze Luxi New District Development Plan", the construction of the new district in Shandong Province officially opened the curtain. Construction provincial-level new district, Shandong has been planning for a long time.

In March last year, the province’s "key work to attack the year" mobilization meeting, planning to establish a provincial-level new area to create a regional integration development strategic fulcrum.

The provincial "14th Five-Year Plan" has been mentioned in strengthening the functional part of the big cities and node, relying on the national level, in Yantai, Linyi, Texas, Heze, the provincial-level new district, to create a strategic fulcrum of regional development.

With the two "planning" issued, the two provincial-level new provincial-level new provincial-level new provinces in Heze Ruixin New Area and Hezerxi New District took the lead in debut. Since the 1990s, the state has established 19 national new districts.

In recent years, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other provinces have been laid out in a group of provincial-level new districts. As a comprehensive function platform that undertakes major development and reform and opening up strategic tasks, the national new district has become a high-quality development leading area, reform and opening up new highlands, urban construction new benchmarks, provincial new districts are growing into important growth and power of regional economy source. In this context, Shandong planned construction provincial-level new district, what kind of consideration? From practice, through the construction of provincial-level new districts to implement major national strategies are common practices, such as Zhejiang, six provincial-level new districts established in Zhejiang have been given the role of integration into the Yangtze River Delta, and Guangdong Provincial New Area and The construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau Duwan District is closely related, and the four provincial new districts in Sichuan are focused on the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu.

At this point, Shandong is no exception.

It is a major mission and important responsibility to promote the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin. It is the major mission and important responsibility of Shandong to shoulder, and set up a provincial new district to implement this major national strategy. Dezhou has a "Jiuda Tianyi, Shenjing Portal", Heze is the first city in Lu Ren, in the diverting advantage of major national strategies such as the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and the development. Good foundation. Building a Texas New District, Heze New District is conducive to the creation of breakthroughs in the implementation of major national strategies, which is conducive to exploring the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, actively integrating the new path of new development patterns, which is conducive to enhancing the overall power of the Shandong Peninsula. Second, build a provincial-level new district or a coup that realizes regional coordinated development.

Shandong is accelerating the construction of "a group of two hearts and three circles" regional development pattern, and the integrated development of the three economic circles is driving into the fast lane. With the development of integrated development, "deep water areas", next to more "hard bones", need more powerful measures to break administrative barriers and institutional barriers. As a comprehensive platform that undertakes major development reform tasks, the provincial-level new district has jumped out of the government of the administrative division, effective coordination, life, and ecological space, better promoting the across regional flow of talents, funds, information and other factors. "A group of two-hearted three-circle" regional development overall pattern provides major carrier support.

At the same time, setting up provincial-level new districts is also a major initiative to cultivate new advantages in high quality development. At present, Shandong’s new and old kinetic energy conversion is moving forward to "five years to achieve breakthrough", the provincial new district as the enrichment and institutional mechanism of policy resources, can copy the experience model of promotion of national new districts, integrate Shandong New Dynamic Energy Conversion Integrated Test Area , Self-trade test area, equivalent district and development zone, special supervision area and other support policies and institutional innovation achievements, gain a bigger first trial power, and better play the demonstration leading role, enhance radiation driving ability, Promote the formation of high quality development.

Dezhou, Heze District advantage is outstanding, but the development also faces some difficulties, and the provincial-level new district is also a key to cracking the bottleneck of the local development. Set up a new district in eastern Texas, which is conducive to solving the problem of Dongtuo in the western region, realizing the integrated development of Decheng, Lingcheng District, and building the economic growth of Lu Bei.

At the establishment of the new district in Heze, it is conducive to speeding through Heze, Russian Rise, enhances the development of Heze development, and drive the Ruban economy to accelerate the rise of revitalization. Establishing a provincial-level new district is a big vitality of Shandong to implement major national strategies and realize high-quality development.

To the next big chess, "Plan" is proposed to set up the new district management committee in accordance with the "a platform, a main body, a set of teams, multi-brand" institutional architecture to give the provincial new district more fully reform independence, clear The main responsibility of construction management, constructs a comprehensive mechanism to promote the development of provincial new districts. With the strength of all parties, the provincial new district will be available in the future.

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