Sneown Pengxi Town: Creating a Civilization Town Construction Beautiful Home

Sneown Pengxi Town: Creating a Civilization Town Construction Beautiful Home

This newspaper (Wu Yonghua) "boss, your building materials accounted for the street, floating everywhere, hurry up." "Li Master Li, your door is too chaotic, let us come together to regular regularity."

"On November 13th, in the town of Shengpengxi, Sieppienses in Sinpeng, like this conversation and action everywhere.

On the same day, the town used the weekend to convene a new era of party members, cadres, village cadres, and the masses and other new era civilizations, and launched the centralized rectification of the town environment and set off a climax of a new round of civilization. In the event, the town was divided into 4 groups, respectively by the party and government leaders, and realized gridization of the town, all coverage cleaning and remediation.

Renovation focuses on occupying the road, wild (old) advertising, chaos, dirty, white garbage, mess, chaos, chaos, etc., etc., etc., etc., the phenomenon of traffic and the mass life.

"Thank you very much. Now everyone will clean up health, can be cleaned up." Zhang Auntie, a group of people in the community, has been 70 years old, and seeing volunteers to carry out rectification actions, take the initiative to help with their own brooms. According to statistics, the town was dismantled, the town was dismantled, and the road to urinate the road construction materials, the garbage is 3, and the wild (old) advertisement is more than 100, and the arbitrariness is surprised. More than 10 in dirty, great Improve the image image.

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