Let the elderly enjoy digital life

Let the elderly enjoy digital life

Mobile phone scanning, video chat, online food buying, reservation registration, live broadcast courses … From basic living security to diverse entertainment activities, Internet technology is incorporated into the daily life of more and more elderly people.

The increasingly mature smart pension platform, products and services make the life of the elderly more convenient.

At the same time, the campaign of random campaign to rectify the chaos such as pension fraud was carried out in an orderly manner.

Not only to allow the elderly to "use" and "played" on Internet products, but also to make the elderly "see" and "prevent" various types of online fraud, which is becoming a common effort for all sectors of society to promote smart pension.

  The old products are "used to use" and "for a while! It was not difficult to open the Yuekang code. I can go to the mall with my wife.

"This sending real -time positioning is very good, so that my son can accurately know where I am. "In the" Old Friends "smart classroom in the auspicious community of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, through mobile staff to teach the use of smartphones, the old people learned video calls, send real -time positioning, open Yuekang code, mobile video housekeeping, etc. Practical operation. Grandma Chen in the community learned to make video calls with the granddaughter of Guangzhou in the classroom, and the flowers laughed on their faces.

  As more and more elderly people enter the Internet era, digital technology has brought more convenience to the life of the elderly, and smart pensions have become a big "new fashion" to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

  "Smart pension refers to the use of advanced information technology to develop the Internet of Things system platform facing the elderly, communities, and institutions to provide real -time, fast, efficient, IoT, and intelligent pension services." Tongji University’s sustainable development and development and development of the University of Tongji University Zhou Xianghong, a professor of new urbanization think tanks, said that smart pension connects government, medical institutions, service providers, individuals, and families to meet the needs of the elderly with the needs of the elderly.

  In order to facilitate the "understanding" of the elderly, more and more online platforms have launched large fonts, large icons, high contrast, voice prompts, simple operations, and ads -free old versions. In order to make the elderly "get used to", many mainstream domestic smartphone brands have launched suitable aging mobile phones to equip smart phones with large screens, large fonts, large volume, large battery capacity, developing barrier -free mode or minimalist mode, which is convenient for the elderly to facilitate the elderly use. In addition to the aging and transformation of Internet -related facilities, as small as a smart anti -shake spoon, dynamic ECG recorder, the elderly service line of the elderly on the Internet platform, the smart medical system of the community hospital linkage The system is constantly improving.

  Online fraud "guarded" in Xichuan County, Nanyang City, Henan Province. Zhou, who is in his 60s, came into contact with a "investment" website on his mobile phone. Heavenly obtained a profit of 60,000 yuan ", guiding Zhou to transfer his savings and pensions to the platform. In the case of the police of the Public Security Bureau of Xichuan County, Zhou finally realized that it was a typical cyber fraud case.

  As more and more Internet technology and products are incorporated into the daily life of the elderly, some criminals have also extended black hands of online fraud to the elderly groups, using technical means such as communication tools, Internet and other technical means to tailor fraud for the elderly groups. ", Many elderly people are invincible.

  Recently, the National Campaign Special Action Special Action Assisting Action Special Action Special Action Association will be held to carry out key rectifications for chaos such as the elderly with fraud apps. Since the deployment of special operations, the Ministry of Public Security requires the nationwide public security organs to strengthen clues; the Supreme People’s Court issued a notice to severely punish crimes of pension fraud in accordance with the law, and focus on punishing various types of fraud crimes that infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly in the name of the elderly; The plan is required to severely crack down on pension fraud crimes and increase prosecution … Public inspection law collaborate combat to carry out accurate crackdown on pension fraud.

  Professor Liu Junhai, a professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, said that the elderly are easily affected by multiple factors. On the one hand, the channels for the elderly group to obtain information are relatively single, and the adaptation of new technologies and new formats such as online payment is slow, and their understanding of the latest fraud is very limited. On the other hand, they are particularly eager for health care, emotional exchanges, and appreciation of pension money. These The characteristic is exactly the opportunity for scammers. In addition to strengthening the efforts of rectification and regulating the development of the industry, it is also necessary to strengthen publicity and education, improve the ability of the elderly to protect themselves, and bring together the society to combat the joint force of violations of the rights and interests of the elderly in accordance with the law. The seventh national census data of practical services "keeps up" shows that China is 60 and over 100 million people.

Corresponding to this, according to the data of the China Internet Information Center, as of December 2021, the size of elderly netizens at the age of 60 and above reached 100 million. How to make digital technology a powerful means to serve the life of the elderly is an important issue for promoting smart pensions.

  Industry experts said that digital technology and the elderly do not naturally have an insurmountable gap. On the contrary, convenient digital technology can help the elderly to better participate in social activities, exert the wisdom of past experience, improve the quality of life of the elderly, and change " Digital gap "is" digital nursery ".

  At the end of December 2021, the State Council issued the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" National Aging Career Development and Pension Service System Plan ", which proposed to promote the scientific and intelligent upgrade of senile supplies, including strengthening the scientific and technological support of elderly supplies, and strengthening the transformation of the results of senile science and technology. Promote specific measures such as smart health care products.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will jointly formulate the "Smart and Health and Health Commission for the Development Action Plan for the Smart and Health and Health Commission (2021-2025)". Aiming at the multi -level and diverse health pension needs of the elderly, focusing on technological innovation applications, increasing products to increase products Supply, data platform construction, and expansion application scenarios to further promote the development of China’s smart health care industry.

  Wang Jing, deputy director of the Sociology and Welfare Sociology Research Office of the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that with the support of Internet technology, there will be several focus points for the innovation of China’s pension service system in the future: First, to speed up the Internet technology in pension enterprises Applications, strengthen the service information collection capabilities of service agencies, realize data integration between government, social service organizations and enterprises, and improve information use efficiency. The second is to support the existing platform enterprises to provide services for the intelligent transformation of the elderly service industry, and to achieve effective docking of pension services and supply. The third is to gradually increase the guiding role of fiscal funds, increase support for the transformation and upgrading of Internet pension services, and focus on supporting the capacity building of home network systems and community network systems. The fourth is to regulate the market order of "Internet+Pension" service market, further standardize the enrollment qualifications of smart pension service enterprises, and standardize the implementation standards of specific services such as medical care.