The beautiful and beautiful women’s volleyball team is just 18 today!

The beautiful and beautiful women’s volleyball team is just 18 today!

She was the youngest who was the youngest 17 -year -old military academy when she graduated from high school. She had not graduated from high school. She was the youngest female soldier who was the youngest female soldier. She was 2 years older than her Yan Jiarui. Yan Jiarui was talking to the female soldiers. At a young age, many primary schools have filled some of the cabinets and certificates without graduating from various prize certificates.

Photos when winning awards in colleges.

As soon as I arrived on the army, she performed on the stage on the stage.

(The female soldier in the middle is Yan Jiarui) She is Yan Jiarui, the leader of the 73rd Army’s "Jinan Second Regiment" combat support camp leader. Today, she is just 18 years old! Performance photos.

At the age of 12, he decided to go to the military academy at the age of 12 to go to the military academy. Yan Jiarui started dancing at the age of 4. On the eve of graduation of elementary school in 2016, Yan Jiarui was ready to continue the Chinese Dance of the Chinese PLA Academy of Arts in Dance Road on the road of dance. In the three months of participating in the re -examination and cultural course examination in Beijing, Yan Jiarui stayed in the classroom for a whole day of practice, rehearsal, class, and doing questions almost filled with her time except eating and sleeping. Still failing to reach the ideal standard, sometimes overworked or even fainted.

Fortunately, all of which are worthy of Yan Jiarui in the competition of tens of thousands of people successively received the admission notice from the Beijing Dance Academy and the PLA Academy of Arts and finally chose the latter she dreamed of the latter. The luggage was on the north train to open the green military uniform, neat queue, and loud singing number … Everything that first arrived in the college was attracting Yan Jiarui to conduct queue training when he entered the school.

(Second from left) Although she changed into a set of the minimum, she was still obvious, but she still held her tears to say goodbye to her parents to start a new military life for five years. Performing during school. At the age of 17, at the age of 17, I decided to go to the hot grass -roots level. Because the army adjusts the reform of the troops, the Cultural Workers’ Troupe has been withdrawn one after another. There are two choices on the eve of graduation in 2021. In front of the dance department where Yan Jiarui is located Local college exams or continue to take career dance roads. The second is to allocate to the army to become a grass -roots leading soldiers. Special service officers and soldiers? One choice of two roads. Yan Jiarui could not make a decision to make the restlessness. She opened the "Power of Dreams". This is a report she shot by her main growth experience in 2018.