[Review line] Zhongan Times: Hot! What did "Changjin Lake" hot instructions?

[Review line] Zhongan Times: Hot! What did "Changjin Lake" hot instructions?

  The movie "Changjin Lake" is a comprehensive picture of the Battle of Changjin Lake with epic. The 4th day of the fashionation has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, its market performance and the speech of the audience continue to heat up. The film not only allows the audience to approach and understand the heroes donating, but also makes the audience in mind that the motherland is innocent.

  Shadow history history film premiere ticket office record, shadow history war film premiered day box office record, shadow history National Day film war film premiered day box office record, shadow history National Day film premiere day record … Movie "Changjin Lake" ignited view The boom, get the box office, reputation double harvest, and become "explosive models" in the 2021 National Day. Heavy blood and the war baptism in the fire, pursue the red memory in the light and the shadow, behind the strong box room call, stir the infiniteness and deep, unzurficient.

  Preschool: Pursuing red memory in the history of blood and fire.

With the history, you can be happy.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the Chinese People’s Volunteers anti-American aid to fight for the 71st anniversary.

People have never forgot to have a hurricane, the sorrowful history of the bonfire, never forgot those to win the independence of the national independence and the people’s liberation, and realize the heroes of the country’s prosperity and the people’s happiness. Standing on the historical intersection of the "two hundred years" struggle, we ask us to understand "where to come, where to go". "Changjin Lake" has begun to pre-heating in the National Day, and the trend of "explosion" is presented with a dusty pre-sale result. The audience is very clear about the "Changjin Lake" released, patriotic feelings, red genes have long been Deepening the blood veins, good at the history of red history, and the revolutionary spirit is the most distinctive national temperament. Thermal reflection: The art of the hero is in the art of light and shadow.

The Chinese nation is an advocating hero, a great nation, patriotism, and heroism theme, is always a happy National Day film.

The Battle of Changjin Lake is the most tragic battle in the Korean War. The Chinese People’s Volunteers With steel will, with ice and blood together into the hero of the hero. The film "Changjin Lake" is highly realized to restore historical designs, with the full scale of magnificent picture, epic presented the battle of Changjin Lake in the world, deeply showing the brothers in human nature, commemons, patriotic, vivid The spiritual world of the majority of volunteer warriors dare to fight, not afraid of sacrifice, courageous victory, Zhang Yang, with a strong powerful emotional resonance and spiritual resonance, and spiritual resonance, strong emotional resonance in the audience Unlimited reverence.

  Hot comment: Draw the strength in the family’s feelings.

Playing a boxing, lest yours.

"We are fighting, in order to protect our next generation," My grandfather has participated in the anti-American assistance war. He often told me that the experience of frozen potatoes in front of the year "" is the heroic payment of the predecessor. " The current mountain river is innocent. "" Seniors, this flourishing world, such as what you wish "…" Changjin Lake "released after the release, it is obviously not only to the storyline, the characters and other light and shadow art bring our visual impact It is more than the high-spirited, tragic and affectionate war narrative interpretation of the great anti-US aid, the spirit of the Great Anti-US Aid, which will cause our deeper thinking about the family and the country, incentive we enhance the Chinese people’s ambition, qi, the bottom gas, in realization In the new journey of the national great revival, inheriting the red gene, carrying forward the heroic spirit, the mind is responsible, not afraid of risk challenge, selflessness, courage to go straight.