"Dream of Red Mansions" is still a "top flow"

"Dream of Red Mansions" is still a "top flow"

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If no response for a long time, please refresh this page "Full of ridiculous statement, a bitter tears, all the cloud of ignorance, for taste." As one of the four ancient Chinese classic "Dream of Red Mansions" Since the launch since the 18th century, with its deep depth of thought, unique artistic charm, attracting thousands of readers, but also created a number of "red fans."

Numerous scholars eager to read of it, analyze it, and the resulting special study "Dream of Red Mansions" and "Dream of Red Mansions." "Red fans" criteria is carefully and completely read it over, read twice or even three times, has a basic understanding of the work, or on the work of the people, even the idea of art is a different version of the author’s own insights.

President of the China Society "Dream of Red Mansions" Zhang Qingshan said, according to the National Statistics "red fan" of about 45 million, Red Society 850 people, all over the country in various provinces. Endless "Dream of Red Mansions" in 1921, Hu’s "Dream of Red Mansions research" come out, put forward should be based on reliable version of the material, with experimentalism research method to re-examine "Dream of Red Mansions", followed by Mr. Chen Tu-hsiu wrote "<Dream of Red Mansions> New Syria" and the echoes.

That same year, the new version of "Dream of Red Mansions" was published, Hu and Chen’s two monographs published before this book, for the preamble, this is the famous Yadong this "Dream of Red Mansions", "New Dream of Red Mansions" in a hundred years research has since opened a prelude . After a hundred years, recently by the Chinese Society of Red Mansions, Tianjin Normal University jointly organized the "100th Anniversary of the New Academic Annual Conference" held in Beijing Xiangshan – coincidentally, both the first leg of the double here, "Beijing exam" Chinese Communist Party Qing villa, there are author of "Dream of Red Mansions" Cao Xueqin in his later years living places. For centuries, the older generation after generation sequel, following Hu, by Yu, Gu Jie-gang, in order to open up the backbone of Mr. Feng Yong as the representative of the new era ahead, leaving a string of glorious footsteps.

  "New Dream of Red Mansions" accompanied by the development, as well as academic research groups. In 1979, Chinese Dream of Red Mansions Arts Institute was established the same year, "Dream of Red Mansions Journal" editorial board was established. Chinese Dream of Red Mansions Society was formally established in 1980.

  "Dream Of Red Mansions" meet again 34 years ago, an interpretation of the vicissitudes of life in the Red House dreams, is onto the TV screen, for a time turned out, many viewers as the ups and downs of the fate of the characters feeling tears. 1987 version of "Dream of Red Mansions" TV series created a screen classic, it has become a typical representative of this classic literary works of the film "Dream of Red Mansions." Many netizens said, "No matter how remake, all of the 87 version of" Dream of Red Mansions "never forget, even for each role inside from the heart to love.

"The show also let a group of actors due to play soon, to have a profound friendship.

At the meeting, many cast members together again, looking for memories of youth participating that year, while participating in witness of academic research "Dream of Red Mansions" of the past century.

  Reporters on the scene saw nearly 60 Ouyang Fen strong a sports dress, appearance compared to the play, though face to see the old, but still Fengshen handsome, laughing between words vaguely see the shadow of Jia.

Deng Jie actor dressed in a black suit with a scarf, young and active state. Ping child played by Shen Lin, is an oil painting enthusiast, she created the characters in the TV series version 87 paintings on display at the venue to participate, it attracted the attention of the participants. Concerned Daiyu frail, handsome elegance of jewelry and luxurious costumes Wang Xifeng, et al vivid and colorful image. And the actors who have played their own role in the play portrait photo, attracted a wave of "Memories kill." "In addition to unfinished" Dream of Red Mansions "in the Jinling Twelve Women Zhengce, also drew level children, very hot and so nobile vice book." Shen Lin said in an interview.

  Classic IP diversified development According to reports, from 1924, Mei Lanfang Peking Opera starring movie "Farewell" So far, more than one hundred of "Dream of Red Mansions" as the theme of the film adaptation of creative works, the film has more than 30 department, TV up to 70 volumes. IP transformation and application of "Dream of Red Mansions" is also reflected in many aspects, such as opera, drama, musical theater, dance, storytelling, Pingtan, comic, animation and comic strips. In recent years, according to the "Dream of Red Mansions" adaptation of the love adventure games, mobile mini-series "Kick Red House", Nanchang version of "lying Red House" animation, movies and still images have emerged, the spread of "Dream of Red Mansions" is more and more industrialization. However, some scholars pointed out that in recent years, immersed academic "elite Dream of Red Mansions" and tend to entertainment and pleasure "Popular Dream of Red Mansions" is divorced from the text in the text so that the mode of transmission and aesthetic criticism of the concept of "Dream of Red Mansions" with the current emerging public needs estrangement between.

  In addition, the content of the work itself is profound, but the story is not strong dramatic conflict, increasing the difficulty of development, the "Dream of Red Mansions" IP on the conversion application also slightly deserted.

Mobile Internet era, the spread of "Dream of Red Mansions" is facing new opportunities and challenges, how to dig the Red House IP culture, let Redology adapt to the times, but also the contents of scholars focus. Zhang Qingshan said that the current number of adaptation by the network fiction TV drama into the "Dream of Red Mansions," the plot and elements, drawing on aesthetic beauty "Dream of Red Mansions", which has a more positive reference for the study, "Dream of Red Mansions", but the network literature also has its own problems , some of the "Dream of Red Mansions" in the surface of things, stick to some of the contemporary young minds of people and things for granted, people get on the "Dream of Red Mansions" misleading. Therefore, the researchers insist Dream of Red Mansions academic character at the same time, also with a positive attitude into the current era of new media, making the right sound to the community, which is the social need sequel, citing Chinese Red Society.

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